Monday, February 16, 2015

Guess Who's Back (Back Again)


(Back again...Meghan's back, tell your friends) 


If this were a musical, there would be an entire number dedicated to this very moment. However, life is hardly that exciting (or is it just too exciting to need any more excitement--like people running around singing organized songs and dancing to perfectly timed choreography?) so we'll have to make do.

First and foremost: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2015 shows promise, I think. Hopefully it's good to us all.

Now, down to business (or pleasure, I suppose?) So I've been gone for....well, shall we just say: for a long long while, yes?

OK, I know, I knoooowww! I left for winter break and left no note, the car was gone, and since I haven't provided any updates (even my facebook is being neglected) but I swear, there is a cover-all really fantastic reason why I've been away: ....I've been really busy.... Yea, that's it. My life got really crazy as soon as I stepped my fuzzy-sock-clad foot back on Irish soil, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't carve the time out to dedicate to writing a new blog post. 

Plus, I mean, think of it this way: technically I was only supposed to stay one semester, so I wouldn't have kept the blog going come January... but, instead, here I am back in Galway for round 2, and I just have fallen a little behind... a lot behind.... But, it's grand now! I'm back, and I've got loads to tell y'all (well, those of you who want to read a synopsis of what I've been up to.) 

Let's start with a little disclaimer: There is no video at the end of this post. In fact, it may be a while until there will be any videos at the bottom of any posts... 

Well, simply because as I have been busy these past few weeks, I will continue to be busy for many more weeks to come. Much too busy to sit on my computer and edit a video (which is quite the arduous process when using a temperamental Imovie program, I assure you.) 

Have no fear, though! I will try and write up short little posts here and there (on all of the pages), until such a time as I can return to this blog world I created. I know: 
(Replace "city" with blog...or not, either way works for me, really.)

Now, back to this post....What I am going to do is this: I will proceed to write out (as briefly and precisely as possible) all that has happened since I got back to this wonderful city in this magnificent country. I will, of course, try and accentuate certain points with gifs--because, really, what is this blog without the gifs? If you wish to continue reading, please keep going! If not...well, then. Goodbye? But mark my words, I'm gonna have the craic with this...

Let's get started!

ONE: I moved into a new house!
It's cozy, a little chilly, about a 10 minute walk from town/ 25 from campus, and I live there with three other people I really quite adore (no one tell them that, please.) All in all it's a great living situation and I'm glad I got a spot there.

TWO: I'm taking 4 classes again! I was supposed to take 5, but it would have been pointless taking an extra class that has nothing to do with my major or minor and would have added unnecessary work and stress. As it stands, I once again have two psych courses and two non-psych courses--and I'm actually enjoying them a lot more this semester (mainly because the psych courses are more discussion-based, how I like it, and all the material I'm learning is fairly interesting.) 

THREE: I got my results from last semester! Sure, it's not my usual Dean's list GPA, but I managed to get 3 B's and an A, which (for being abroad, travelling, barely focussing on class), I will certainly take. 

FOUR: I'm in a one act!
It goes up in a week, with four showings during NUIG's Theater Week (shameless plug: check out the facebook page!) It's a student-written piece called Head Cut, with a marvelous director and cast of two (me being one)--here is the synopsis in case you're interested: 

FIVE: I am now the events officer on the Dramsoc Committee! Hooray!! 
Sure, I was a bit peer-pressured into it, but hey, I'm enjoying myself and love working with the people I work with! It really is so cool to be a part of it.
Another shameless plug, check out our awesome website:

SIX: I was assistant stage manager/props for the show "On Raftery's Hill" (which ended last week--hey, look at that, the poster!)

then I did stagehand on one night of the musical "Cabaret" (on Saturday--hey, look, another poster!) Haven't been able to get the songs out of my head since...

and now I will be stage managing for the upcoming show "Glengarry Glen Ross" (which will show in mid-March--hey, look...oh, it doesn't have a poster yet...) 

SEVEN: I still do Improv with Staged and Confused every Wednesday, and have gotten to see a couple of improv shows my friends have put on as well! It's all great craic with great people. 

EIGHT: I feel like most of what I've said thus far has been about theater stuff...not surprising. Can you tell I've missed doing it? Anyway--no travels to report yet, but my family is coming at the end of March (yay!) and meanwhile I am plotting and scheming to go to many magical places as soon as I can...I've got the travel bug, after all. 

NINE: It hasn't been all work and no play, I assure you. I've kept up my quota of nights out, that's for sure. The latest ones that pop into my head are three wrap parties, two birthdays, a movie night and a hypnotist, a couple of silent discos, a couple of plays, and many many pubs. Let's just say I have no sleep pattern anymore... my body is in a constant state of revolution and fatigue, and I can't help but think that it's totally worth it. 

TEN: I...I think that's about it, actually. Other than everything I've put, I've just been running, reading, watching occasional netflix (because I need me time)... It's a neat summarization, to be sure, and a lot of details are left out, of course...but it does the trick I think! Any questions? Oh good. 

Well, I think it's about time I wrapped this yoke up! It's been fun, everyone, thanks for sticking it out (if you did, that is), and I apologize again for the lengthy absence...I also apologize for the future absence that is likely to occur, despite my best efforts. Anyway, I've enjoyed recounting everything, and now it is time for me to go forth and do all those other things I need to be doing! 

Hope you enjoyed yourself and this really wordy post, and hope to see you all again soon! 

Sidenote: Happy RAG Week to everyone in Galway/Ireland,
And Also: (for tomorrow):
Stay safe and party on, friends! 

Much love, 

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